Helping companies interested in children, teen and family orientated consumer markets to develop their brand performance.

Kidz Global is a quantitative market research and consulting services specializing in children, teens and families orientated consumer markets around the world.

Kidz Global is dedicated to helping companies achieve a better understanding of their marketplace and their customers. We are an agency specializing in marketing research on kids and family-orientated consumer markets. With more than 24 years' experience, Kidz Global is able to provide in-depth research across a range of sectors, including licensing, toys and games, video games, entertainment and education. We represent the perfect partner for brands looking for knowledge that will increase sales.

We offer insightful solutions pertaining to brands and consumers through brand and image research, retail positioning, pricing research, advertising/promotional research, attitudinal and behavioral tracking, customer satisfaction, market feasibility studies and volume forecasting. We work with some of the world’s most recognized companies.

Quality, kid-focused market research is NOT too extensive!

With employees and partners based in countries around the world, Kidz Global offers a service unhindered by international boundaries. By moving away from traditional bricks and mortar offices and adopting a virtual structure, we are able to offer the highest-quality research at prices that remain affordable for organizations of all sizes.